Battle for Bowl Week

Before the teams face off on the field, teams will battle it out in a series of competitions throughout Bowl Week, vying for the coveted Battle for Bowl Week Belt.

Bragging rights aren’t the only thing at stake. The winner of the Battle for Bowl Week has gone on to win the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl in six of the last nine games.


Past Battle for Bowl Week Champions:

2019: Oklahoma

2018: Michigan

2017: Auburn

2016: Washington

2015: Houston

2014: TCU

2013: Texas A&M

2012: Clemson

2011: Auburn

2010: Florida State


Thanks to The Big Game Show for hosting our Battle for Bowl Week events.

2019 Battle for Bowl Week Results

Date Competition Result Photo/Video
Monday, December 23  

Football Feud


Oklahoma – Winner




Tuesday, December 24 Andretti Indoor Karting Oklahoma – Winner


Oklahoma Photos

LSU Photos


Wednesday, December 25 Basketball Challenge Oklahoma 

LSU – Winner



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